The Essential Tip For Effective Workouts

The Secret To Super Effective Workouts

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told to “sit up straight.” Good posture is something we all want, but many people struggle to practice it with any consistency. 

I’m not actually a fan of the word “posture” because it tends to turn people into lifeless statues. Even the idea of “sitting up straight” can turn your supple (and curvalicious) spine into something rigid and unbending. It’s uncomfortable and hard to maintain. It’s not what you want for a healthy body. 

So instead of “posture,” I prefer to talk about “alignment” with my clients and students. Proper alignment is essential to a free, mobile body. And if your alignment is “off” while you’re working out you are setting yourself up for some major issues sooner or later. 

The good news is that by focusing on proper alignment you are not just keeping yourself safe from injuries and looking like a hunchback – you’re actually enhancing your workout experience. There are a lot of benefits of focusing on good alignment while exercising.

Benefits of Proper Alignment While Exercising

Proper Breathing

With proper alignment comes better breathing. When you sit with poor alignment your muscles get cramped and restricted which doesn’t allow your breath to be as deep and full as it wants to be. When you sit with proper alignment your breathing capacity improves – your diaphragm can expand. This is essential while exercising and will drastically improve how your workout goes. Breathing deeper and better will allow for you to get the full benefit of your workout.

More Energy

All that deep, good breathing brings in more oxygen which means more energy for working out. For anyone who always feels like they get out of breath easily or find themselves in that 3 PM slump, proper alignment may be the key to keeping those energy levels optimal. 

Improved Circulation and Digestion

Proper alignment allows the internal organs in the abdomen to assume their natural position without any unneeded compression. Not only can this unneeded compression cause issues like constipation, acid reflux and more – it can drastically change how you workout. Better circulation means your body’s muscles and arteries are working at their best and that oxygen is flowing better to your extremities – all things needed to workout efficiently.

The secret to super effective workouts. Good info!Healthy back and spine

Keeping proper alignment means your back and spine are stronger which leads to improved strength for the whole body. Since the spine plays such a central role in overall health, ensuring you’re exercising with proper alignment is key to avoiding injuries. 

Improved muscles and joints

Good alignment is not just about your spine. Proper alignment means everything is in alignment – your bones and joints are being held in the way they should be. When your bones, joints, and muscles are in alignment you decrease unneeded wearing of those surfaces. Less tension, wear, and stress on your joints, ligaments, and muscles help increase strength and allows your body to work more efficiently. Being in proper alignment also helps prevent or decrease muscle strain and soreness. 

More Confidence

One of the most neglected, but also most rewarding, aspects of proper alignment is the boost of confidence it brings. Proper alignment helps you feel empowered, strong, and beautiful. Your blood flows better, oxygen flows better, you feel better. Confidence can be a huge factor in your workouts as it helps you commit, stand firm and move from a strong foundation. Good alignment can give you that boost to try new things and overcome fears or weaknesses. It carries you beyond your workouts and into the world where you feel good about your body.

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